Planning and Historical Preservation Commission

The Roslyn Planning and Historical Preservation Commission is an advisory body to the City Council and consists of five to seven members who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council to four year terms.

The current Planning and Historical Preservation Commissioners are Janine Brodine - Chair, Andrea Sweet - Co-Chair, Ben Flowers, Emily Miltko, Cathy Cook, Kristi Payne, and Karen Fader.

The Commission serves as an advisory body to the Mayor and City Council and exercises decision making authority as assigned or delegated. The Commissionís primary responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to:

  • Documenting and encouraging the preservation of Roslynís historic character, development pattern and resources.

  • Maintaining an inventory of historic resources in Roslyn.

  • Reviewing and approving architectural designs.

  • Recommending to Council standards that guide construction activities affecting properties listed on the Roslyn Register of Historic Places.

  • Promoting informational, educational and interpretive programs that pertain to Roslynís Historic Resources and the maintenance and rehabilitation of historic properties within the City.

  • Conducting public hearings, making decisions, and providing City Council with recommendations on certain classes of permits issued by the City.

  • Making recommendations to City Council on long-range planning issues and on amendments to the Cityís comprehensive plan, development regulations and land-use zoning map.

The Roslyn Planning and Historic Preservation Commission currently meets at City Council Chambers located at 201 South 1st Street the second and fourth Thursday of every month, starting at 6:00 p.m.