Finance / Utilities

Pay and/or View Bills Online

The City of Roslyn is excited to offer residents an easy and convenient method to view and pay their utility bills online. This is a fee based service.

A convenience fee of $3.95 will be applied to all credit card transactions and $0.95 for electronic check (ACH/EFT).

Credit card payments and automatic withdrawals from your account can also be done in our office via phone or in person for the same fees.

To get started with your payment click the "make a payment" link on the left. When you click the link it will take you to a secure site to process your payment - the City of Roslyn does not maintain any credit card numbers or checking/savings account numbers.

Finance Contact Info: Sarah Christensen, Treasurer - (509) 649-3105

Utility Contact Info: Brandi Taklo, Clerk - 509-649-3105


Form and Applications:

Change of Address - Utilities

Water & Sewer Application, New