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An open letter to my fellow Roslyn residents from Mayor Brent Hals.

Open as a PDF here As you may have already heard, the state has outlined a 4 phased approach to reopening business and modifying physical distancing measures. Phase 1 has started today statewide, but Kittitas County is one of the ten counties that can apply for a variance to go right into Phase 2, and our county leaders have already applied. The reason the state is allowing Kittitas County to apply for the variance is due to our small population, and the fact that we have not had a new positive confirmed COVID-19 case in over 3 weeks. To qualify for the variance the Kittitas County Public Health Department (KCPHD) must prove to the state that our county will be competent in certain readiness capabilities. KCPHD and our county Commissioners feel we are able to follow the outlined capabilities and it looks as though we could be granted the variance later this week or early next week. The Commissioners and all of the cities in our county have agreed to go through with the variance application, so it is a unanimous countywide effort.

Some of the business that would be allowed under phase 2 (all with certain mandated requirements) includes new construction, retail business, professional services including realtors, salons and barbers, and restaurants at less than 50% capacity with tables no larger than 5 people. Business can go here for technical assistance and safety plan forms:

City Hall and the library remain closed to the public and will until at least phase 3 or later. Appointments can be made as needed for city business such as cemetery or planning needs, and any utility emergency needs to be called in to public works, as normal. Vacation rentals are still in violation of the state order and need to be reported to the Sheriff's Emergency Operations Center at 509-933-8315 or 509-933-8305, or directly to the state's COVID-19 website

I do not believe anyone involved in these decisions think this plan is perfect, but it is the direction we are going to go following the lead of our state and county. The changes may seem small or incomplete, but that is by design. We must follow this phased approach as suggested and mandated by our state and county health departments, and the city of Roslyn will do just that. Myself and staff have made multiple communications of concern based on Roslyn's unique location to so much recreation now becoming available, and we have been heard. All we can do is share our concerns and I will continue to do that as things evolve and progress.

I will have more open letters of communications from here on out on a variety of COVID-19 related subjects, and I am proud to be part of our wonderful community. Roslyn has always been an example of compassion and giving especially when a crisis arises, and we will do it yet again. Thank you for your hard work, cooperation, patience and caring.

Brent Hals
Roslyn Mayor

When Coal Was King

Welcome to the City of Roslyn! We hope that this site will provide you with some general information about visiting, playing, working, and living in our wonderful City!

Roslyn is located 80 miles east of Seattle near Interstate 90 in sunny central Washington. Incorporated in 1886, the coal-mining town of Roslyn played an important role in Washington State History. The extensive coal fields in the area fueled the Northern Pacific Railroad's trains during construction and early operation of a direct rail line through the Cascade Mountains.

Men from coal mining regions in the United States, Europe and elsewhere came to work in the mines. English, Italian and Slavic immigrants were among the early settlers and a significant proportion of the town's early residents were foreign born. In 1888, responding to a strike, the Northern Pacific Coal Company recruited more than 300 African-American miners from Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky and brought them, with their families, to work in the mines. At one time, 24 ethnic groups and nationalities were living in Roslyn. Today, many of the original families continue to make Roslyn their home.


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Per RMC 6.17 the use/discharge of fireworks is prohibited except between 9am and 11:59pm on Winter Solstice and New Year's Eve.